• If you have never worn contact lenses before, please check with your eye-care specialist first before purchasing these lenses.
  • Do not wear the lenses overnight.
  • Do not share the lenses.
  • Do not wear or use the lenses if damaged.
  • Do not let cosmetics like soap, makeup, moisturizers or sunscreen touch your lenses.
  • Avoid being around irritating fumes or vapors (paint, hairspray, oven cleaners, etc.) when wearing your lenses.
  • Do not swim or go in a hot tub while wearing your lenses.
  • Do not allow the lenses to dry out.
  • Do not use saliva to wet or clean your lenses.
  • Always wash and rinse your hands thoroughly before you handle your lenses.
  • To avoid getting your lenses mixed up, always apply or remove your lenses one at a time, in the same order.
  • Do not use eye drops solutions recommended for conventional hard lenses only.
  • Keep all your solution bottles tightly capped when not in use.
  • Clean, rinse and disinfect your lenses every time you remove them.
  • Use fresh, unexpired lens care solutions.
  • Do not re-use lens solutions.
  • Change your lens solution daily.
  • Do not let the tip of solution bottles touch any surface (including your fingers, eyes or lenses).
  • Rinse your lens case every day and let it air-dry.
  • Replace your lens case every three months (or more frequently).
  • Dispose the lenses 1 year after opening with proper care and cleaning.
  • Dispose the contact lens if expired. The expiry date is marked on each vial.

Conditions of Use

Terms & Conditions
(Please read before order)

* 顯示器所顯示的顏色可能與實物有少許出入.
* 我們不接受以顏色為退貨理由。
* 大部份隱形眼鏡都要訂貨,大約需要2~3星期時間。當然如果有現貨的話只需要幾天的時間。沒有時間等的顧客請勿訂貨。
* 在未訂貨之前你都可以更改或取消訂單。
* 如從未戴過隱形眼鏡者,請先閱讀"隱形眼鏡配戴方法,或請專業眼鏡店職員示範。
* 所有隱形眼鏡都不可戴著睡覺,否則會走位或有其它不良後果。
* 我們不會對郵件損壞或寄失負責.
* 如配戴後眼睛出現問題,請立即停用,我們不會對此負責,買家需自行承擔風險。
* 我們不會對於錯誤使用隱形眼鏡負上責任.
* 如不清楚自己的眼睛狀況應該先去驗眼, 詢問視光師的意見,了解一下自己的眼睛狀況才決定買不買/ 是否合適配戴。
* 除非品質出現問題,否則一律不接受退貨。
* 訂了貨的顧客將不可再更改訂單,否則將列入Black List. 多謝合作。

- Once we placed the order(Batch ended), there are no more change or cancelation.
- We are not responsible for any eye damage- Please take it off right away if you think it is inappropriate for your eyes, we are not responsible for it.
- If you never wear any contact lens before, please ask ophthalmic professionist for instruction.
- We do not accept any wrong color as refund excuse.
- We are not responsible for any mis-use. 
  • Preparing for Insertion Cleanliness is the first and most Important aspect of proper contact lens care. Estavlish a routine of good hygiene for handling your lenses.
  • Always wash your hands thoroughly with a mild soap, rinse carefully and dry before touching your lenses.  
  • Do not use oily cosmetics, soaps containg cold cream, lotions or creams before handling your lenses. It is best to insert your lenses before putting on make-up
  • Keep your eyes closed when using hairspray or other aerosols. 
  • Seek professional advice about wearing lenses during sporting activities. 
  • Always follow the instructions in this leaflet and any advice given to you by your Eye Care Practitioner for the correct handling, insertion, removal, cleaning, disinfecting, storing and use of your lenses.  
  • Never wear lenses longer than the period prescribed. 
  • Do not use the lens if the sterile package has been opened or the tamper evident seal is damaged.  



 Remember to start with your right eye. Once the lens has been examined 
  and you are sure it is not inside out, place it on the tip of your forefinger.
 Place the middle finger of the same hand close to your lower eyelashes 
  and pull down the lower lid.
 Use the forefinger or middle finger of the other hand to lift the upper lid
  and place the lens on the eye.
 Gently release both lids and blink.
 Repeat these steps for the left lens.



 Close your eyelids and gently massage the lens into place through 
  the closed lid.
 Or, Gently manipulate the off-centered lens onto the middle of your eye

while the eye is opened, using finger pressure on the edge of the upper or lower lid.


If your vision is blurred after inserting the lens, check for the following;

 The lens may not be centered on the eye. Check the instructions above.
 If the lens is in the correct position, remove it and look for the following;
           a. Cosmetics or oils on the lens. remove it and wear again.
           b. The lens may be on the wrong eye.
           c. The lens may be inside out, which would also make it less
               comfortable than normal.


Removal of Lens:


-Always remove the same lens first.
-Wash, rinse and dry your hands thoroughly. Always ensure that the lens is on the middle of your eye before attempting to remove it.
-To locate the lens, inspect the upper area of the eye by looking down into a mirror while pulling the upper lid up. Then inspect the lover area by pulling   the lower lid down.


-Once you have found the lens, you can remove it by using the pinch   method introduced below or any other method recommended by your Eye Care Practitioner.
-Look left, slide the lens down to the white of your eye using your forefinger.Gently pinch the lens between your thumb and forefinger and remove the lens


  • For the continued safe and comfortable use of your lenses, it is important to follow the instructions given to you by your Eye Care Practitioner. 
  • Failure to follow the correct lens care regime may result in the development of serious eye problems. 
  • Cleaning and rinsing are essential to remove mucus, secretions, and deposits which may have accumulated during use. Do this immediately after removing your lenses and prior to disinfection. Harmful germs can only be removed by cleaning, rinsing and disinfecting. 
  • Use fresh, unexpired lens care solutions. 
  • Never use solutions recommended for conventional hard lenses only.
  • Never put your lenses in your mouth or use anything other than the recommended solutions for lubricating or wetting your lenses.
  • Never rinse them in tap water, since this can contain many impurities that can contaminate or damage your lenses and may lead to eye infection or injury.
  • Put each lens into the correct chamber of the lens storage system and make sure they are completely  immersed in the storage solution when they are not being worn. If lenses left our for long periods, they may dry out and become brittle. 
  • Seek the advice of your Eye Care Practitioner if your lenses are to be stored for extended periods. Since lens cases can be a source of bacteria, after use they should be emptied, cleaned and rinsed with recommended sterile solutions and allowed to air dry.
  • Your lens case should also be replaced regularly, as advised by the lens case manufacturer or your Eye care Practitioner.
  • Never use tap water to rinse your lens case.